About us


Our firm was founded in 2003 by Dr. László Széles. We provide comprehensive legal advising service with our co-operating partners for both Hungarian and foreign clients, on ad hoc or permanent basis from smaller transactions to major projects.

According to our experience, our clients necessitate fast and punctual legal services for their unobstructed and efficient business activity, which requires a good understanding of our clients’ business and comprehensive knowledge of all the relative professional and fiscal circumstances, in close co-operation with the companies’ management, experts and employees. Accordingly, our basic goal is to provide to our clients services entirely fulfilling these expectations, providing the necessary legal support to the everyday business activity.

Our extensive practice and permanent assignments are due to the fact that we provide creative, legal but also business-oriented, fast, reliable and customized resolutions to our clients.

Our professional success stems from establishing with our clients long-term relationships based on confidence. The individual professional improvement and the never-ending education of our colleagues contribute to the high standard of our activity that we try to reach and provide in the spirit of our common legal and professional vocation. Being in connection with the employees and partners of our clients, authorities or courts, we always keep in mind and try to live up to the expectations one forms against a prepared, reliable attorney bearing the confidence of the public. Our law firm provide the treatment of our clients’ legal cases with the aim of exhaustivity, putting an emphasis on innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. According to the philosophy of our law office the basis of the long-term co-operation between the client and the attorney could be a combination of the service of outstanding standard and competitive fees.

This website is maintained by Széles Law Office, a law firm registered with the Budapest Bar Association, in accordance with the legislation and internal regulations applicable to attorneys, which are available along with information on the rights of clients at www.magyarugyvedikamara.hu .

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